Why Does Satan Exist?

John 10:10Satan causes a lot of disappointment, hurt, strife, confusion — the list of negativity continues. Have you wondered why God allows Satan to continue? If the enemy comes only to “steal, and kill, and destroy,” why not eliminate him now rather than wait until after Christ’s return?


Just as “God longs to do works through us that can’t be explained except by His reality,” 1 His glory shines brighter “when humans renounce the promises of Satan and take pleasure in the greater glory of Christ.” 2

When we encounter difficult circumstances, Satan feeds us lies intended to cause us to fear, make harmful choices, and turn from God. However, when we cling to God in our struggles, we turn from Satan and God gets the glory. “Our God is always turning what the enemy meant for evil into our good if we will choose to love him above all else.” 3

Without Satan in the picture, the miraculous display of God’s love, mercy, and grace would not be possible. “If God had simply terminated Satan, then it would not have been so clear that God is both stronger and infinitely more to be desired than Satan.” 2


By doing so, we receive the abundant life Jesus came to offer us.

The Lord calls us to rejoice in Him always. Always means all circumstances (Philippians 4:4). Understanding the purpose of Satan’s existence can heighten our sensitivity to his schemes in the midst of difficulties. Being wise to Satan’s devious strategy gives us the ability to accept the joy found in God alone, regardless of our circumstances. We can rejoice knowing that by rejecting Satan’s lies, we glorify God!

Armed with the knowledge of Satan’s purpose, I have an even greater desire to not allow Satan a foothold – not even a tiny one. The joy of the Lord now has deeper meaning for me, and it’s a tremendous weapon against my enemy!

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