School Supplies Aren’t Just for Kids

School supplies in Liberia

In developing countries, people understand the importance of education. Parents want their kids to attend school in the hope that they will break the cycle of poverty. Even children desire the opportunity to go to school. However, in poor communities, often children miss out on education because parents can’t afford to pay school fees or purchase pens, paper, and colors. School supply kits, or CarePacks, are frequently requested from GAIN in-country partners. We and our partners want to show communities that children matter, and their education has great potential to facilitate change for the better.

In one Liberian village, a newly formed Christian church found a different use for CarePacks. With a fresh, faith-filled outlook on life, the women from this new church have a zeal for learning to read and write – especially in English. Because of this desire, a Women’s Literacy program formed. They realized the CarePacks were perfect for increasing the learning experience. Armed with their own notebook, pens, and pencils, these women have the tools for practicing their new writing skills. When they received their CarePacks, these happy women proudly began singing their ABCs! They couldn’t wait to show off what they learned.

CarePacks for adults

Learning is fun for all ages! You can help provide education opportunities by simply helping GAIN get CarePacks into the hands of children (and excited women) in tough places in the world. Visit the GAIN gift catalog, or learn how you can host a CarePack drive in your community!

* At GAiN, I tell stories of life change, letting people know how their gifts and donations make a difference in people’s lives. Originally, photos and portions of this post were used in one such report at GAiN.

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