A New Path That’s Not So New

God is up to something. He called me to something new. He’s chosen to use my skills for a greater purpose. This calling was unexpected. I had no clue a family mission trip to Haiti would result in a radical change in how I do this thing called “work.”


Upon returning from Haiti, I immediately felt a restlessness in my job. I enjoyed my work as a technical and marketing writer. I had no previous desire for a job change. But, the restlessness was unshakable. I felt an unmistakable need to do something of eternal consequence. I also recognized these kinds of feelings are common during the “re-entry” process after a mission trip. Even so, I began to investigate possibilities.

Being familiar with *Global Aid Network (GAiN), I started looking there. It just so happened they had an open position for a content writer in the marketing department. My entire career had been in technical writing until the last year and a half when I began doing much more marketing writing – blog posts, web site content, newsletters and brochures. Looking back, I believe this was one of many preparations God put in place to bring me to this point.

The previous few years have been an exercise in faith and obedience. Following through with a calling to my first mission trip despite the sudden onset of a chronic disease gave me confidence in God’s promise to provide power. Selling our house to be better financial stewards displayed the blessings he bestows on those who hold everything with an open hand. And, He has steadily softened my heart for the hurting and needy so I can tell their stories to those who can offer a helping hand.

So, here I am, walking what feels like a new path, but looking back, it’s not new at all. This is the path God laid out for me from the beginning.

*Global Aid Network is a ministry of Cru.

One thought on “A New Path That’s Not So New

  1. Kimberley says:

    I am so happy for you Lara. God has blessed you with many talents and he knows where he needs you most in this season of your life.


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